Team of "The Golden Chariot" - The Expert Council

Formed out of the Organization Committee and members of the international
Transport organizations, Unions and renowned experts

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Boris Levin
Chairman of Export Council
Rector Moscow State University of Railway Engineering, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, President of Railway Engineering Universities Association

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Alex Zaguskin
AZ Enteprise L.L.C., Managing Director, USA

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Erik Evtimov
Deputy Secretary General of the International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) Switzerland

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. Eric Marie
Swissawa Founder and CEO
Expert in technology and innovation

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Alina I.Novac
Secretary General of IAC

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. Patrick Eiler
Owner of Consulting Company Mag . Eiler & Partner OG

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Ludovic Teixeira Costa
Calipso Network Association

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Sebastian Belz
Secretary General of the European Platform of Transport Sciences - EPTS

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Anatoly Karpov
President of the International Association of Peace Foundations
Office of H.H

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. Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Commercial & Business Consultant United Arab Emirates & GCC

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Zubaida Aspayeva
OSJD, Chairman Commission on Freight Traffic Kazakhstan

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Iohannes Kronhardt

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Gennady Bessonov
Secretary General, coordination Council on Transsiberian Transportation (CCTT)

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1 2 3 4 5 cialis prescription 5-6.

Tadeusz Szozda
Golden Chariot Expert Coucil
About "The Expert Council"

The Expert Council considers and makes statements about the nominees – and then chooses the winners of each category.

The Expert Council is formed by the Organizing Committee, which in turn consults and receives candidates for the appointment from of the Presidium, members of international transport organizations, trade unions and other experts.

The Expert Council includes recognized experts from the transportation industry and also scholars, which provides professional, objective and independent assessment of the transport companies, leaders and other nominees who have made a special contribution to the development of transport industry.

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