Criteria for the selection of Winners of the Golden Chariot International Transport Award

The title of Laureate of the Golden Chariot International Transport Award is granted to transport companies and outstanding professionals who have achieved significant results and made a significant contribution to the development of transport industry in the following areas:

  • Ecology and environmental protection
  • International programs and cooperation
  • Business expansion
  • Innovative technologies creation and implementation
  • Innovative rolling stock creation
  • Outstanding investment activity
  • Transport security projects
  • New segments of goods and services development
  • Social projects and programs implementation
  • Training and the educational process organization
  • Promotion of the achievements of the industry
  • Sponsorship, charity, patronage

The applicant, who submitted to the Organizing Committee application corresponding to at least one of the criteria, has the right to pass the examination and be nominated by experts and members of the Presidium of the award and claim the title of Winner.

* Criterion is the basis upon which an assessment is made, a definition or classification of anything, a measure of evaluation.

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