Team of "The Golden Chariot" - The Presidium

Supreme body of The Golden Chariot. The heads of transport ministries and departments,
heads of international transport associations and organizations - partners of the "Golden chariot"

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Jean-Pierre Loubinoux
Honorary Director General UIC

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Radu Dinescu
Association Leader
IRU President

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. Yeon-hye Choi
Member of Presidium

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Éva Molnár
Member of Presidium
Former Director of Transport Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

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Joan Amorós
Association Leader

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Philippe Vappereau (RATP)
Member or Presidium
Association Leader
Chairman Calipso Network Association

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. Libor Lochman
Association Leader
CER Executive Director

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Wolfgang Küpper
Secretary General of the OTIF

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Christian Labrot
Association Leader
IRU President

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. Ivan Petrov
Member or Presidium
Senior Vice President of FIATA, Chairman of the Rail Workling Group of FIATA, Zurich

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François Davenne
Member of Presidium
General Director of International Union of Railways (UIC)

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Member or Presidium
President of the International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) Switzerland

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. Giorgi Pkhakadze
Chairperson of Presidium
Professor, Panelist, United Nations Secretary General's Independent Accountability Panel (EWEC), Member, Technical Review Panel

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Miroslav Antonovich
Member of Presidium
Chairman OSJD committee
Golden Chariot Expert Coucil
About "The Presidium"

The Presidium is the supreme body of The Golden Chariot. It includes representatives of transport departments from foreign countries, well-known persons and personalities the international transport community, leaders of major international transport associations and companies, sponsors and partners of The Golden Chariot.

The Presidium is authorized to solve any issues related to the The Golden Chariot.

It works closely with the Organizing Committee and other experts. The President of the Presidium is changed annually.

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