Grand Ceremony

Review: Conference

“Sustainable development goals of sustainable transport and peace” and “THE GOLDENCHARIOT AWARD CEREMONY”

United Nations Organization Geneva | Hotel Kempinski Geneve

2017, April 12-13

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Grand Ceremony is conducted once a year. The venue, date and time of the event are determined by the chairperson of the Award Presidium. The winners, one from each country, receive a LARGE Golden Chariot statuette, an Honorary Diploma and a Winner's Medal.

Regional ceremonies may be conducted several times a year. The venue, date and time of each such event are determined by members of the Award Presidium on suggestions of members of the Expert Council and regional representatives of the Organizing Committee. The number of winners of each Regional Ceremony is not over 10. Each winner receives a SMALLER Golden Chariot statuette and a Diploma.
The "Golden Chariot Award" by today is:
  • a unique platform for cooperation, exchange of experiences and technologies, find partners and investments, covering all segments of the industry;
  • a demonstration of achievements of the leading companies, the best developments in the industry and the level of development of transportation infrastructure in different countries;
The Winner of the "Golden Chariot Award" represents:
  • standard of quality of work in transport, determined by the best recognized international experts;
  • it is the highest grade of work and an additional incentive for the CEO and for the whole team;
  • the main prize and the symbol of the International Transport Award "Golden Chariot" gilded three horses. Management chariot symbolizes the ideal level of the head - a financial management, project and staff

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The Golden Chariot Awards

The Golden Chariot International Award is contest for those who are associated
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