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28 of May 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland, Adgex Limited was nominated for the title of "Excellence in Innovation for Eco-transport“ of the "Golden Chariot" International Transport Awards.

Adgex has received international recognition under the special international category relating to eco-friendly transportation solutions.The Advisory Council of the Award praised Adgex Limited’s technology as a move in the positive direction for alternative solutions for high-volume commodity haulage.

According to tradition, ceremony was opened by the honorable chairman of the presidium of reward, the deputy chairman of the State Duma RF, Valerie [Afonasevich] Yazev and the deputy chairman of the presidium of competition, secretary of state, the deputy minister of Transport RF, Sergey [Alekseyevich] Aristov.

The ceremony coincided with 60th UITP World Congress, that is way majority of the nominates represent public transport

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. It was held on the luxury steamer «Simplon», rent for cruise on Lake Geneva.

Victor Uzlov, Managing Director of ADGEX, had also recieved a personal diploma in nomination "Outstanding Contribution to Transport Industry Development"

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