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At the 7th annual awards ceremony that took place in State Kremlin palace accompanied by a grand concert of both Russian and international pop stars, and festive banquette organized with support from Russian Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Duma in Moscow, Buziness Africa media became the first African organization to receive the 2011 Golden Chariot Prize.

The Golden Chariot Prize is awarded yearly for notable achievements to individuals, groups of individuals, ministries, enterprises and related organizations operating in the transport sphere

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. This year, the organizers awarded transport ministers and transport organizations from foreign countries as well as Russian transport enterprises and the media from different regions in the Russian Federation. Organizers said that the final list of the golden laureates was chosen from highly competitive nominations using criteria set by a committee of judges.

According to tradition, ceremony was opened by the honorable chairman of the presidium of reward, the deputy chairman of the State Duma RF, Valerie [Afonasevich] Yazev and the deputy chairman of the presidium of competition, secretary of state, the deputy minister of Transport RF, Sergey [Alekseyevich] Aristov.

The committee said that the decision to recognize Buziness Africa was to support its work for promoting the transport sector, and urged related ministries and departments in African countries to do the same. The organizing committee said that it would look for the best transport funtionaries, ministers and transport departments, from African countries to award next year.

Buziness Africa was created as part of a strategy to expand media operations to and focuses on Africa, Russia and other former Soviet republics, aims at facilitating the flow of economic information across the regions and further aims at serving as an effective networking instrument among foreign organizations, institutions, ministries, departments and businesses in these countries.

Since its creation, it has steadily moved with the economic change in the country. Buziness Africa has forged media partnership with Russian Chamber of Trade and Industry, Institute for African Studies, National Coordinating Committee on Russian-African Economic Cooperation [AfroCom], African Alliance [AA] among others in Moscow. It also provides publicity campaign literature and brochures during business forum and exhibitions.

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